The Spice Girl

Good morning! (Or afternoon, or evening, depending on when you’re reading this.) A friend of mine ( suggested I start a YouTube channel. Now, I’m not sure I have anything to offer on a YouTube channel. I’m not particularly good-looking or smart. I can’t show you how to create gourmet meals from three ingredients or […]

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Working Out


I don’t like to exercise. I don’t like anything about it. Believe me, I’ve tried. I’ve tried walking. I’ve tried jogging. I’ve tried Zumba and tennis and swimming and weightlifting. I’ve tried it with friends and alone, with the cute workout clothes and without (without cute clothes . . . uh . . . not […]

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What I’ve been up to . . .

Chicken Fight

Hey guys! Sorry to have been so absent recently. I’ve been busy with my chickens . . . we have some bullying going on in the chicken house. Superman assures me it’s just the natural way of things, what with four roosters and seven hens and all, but I’m not buying it. So each day […]

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The Breaking Point


I come from a long line of excellent cooks. Gifted, southern women who know how to make flaky dinner rolls from scratch, who know how to make chocolate pie with up-to-there meringue, who can create heavenly kitchen scents which will bring even the manliest soldier to his knees. That is my heritage. I am the […]

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Mary kind of day . . .

windmill by pond

Forgive the writerly language. It’s just such an exquisite day, I couldn’t resist . . . Today is the kind of day I just want to praise You, God. It’s such a beautiful day. It’s the kind of day about which bestselling authors write bestselling descriptions, and transport readers to a place of hope, a […]

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Beauty College

foil wraps

I woke up today and knew it was time. Actually, I woke up two weeks ago and knew it was time, but since procrastination is one of my spiritual gifts, I put it off until today, when I couldn’t find any more excuses. I had to get my hair done. Yes, that’s right. What is, […]

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Chicken Poo


My hens are laying. And I have to tell you, home-grown eggs taste way better than store-bought eggs. But store-bought has its advantages, too, as I learned this past week. When I discovered my girls were putting out, I was thrilled. Each day, I went and gathered the three or four eggs I saw in […]

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Ding Dong


Sometimes I do something so unbelievable, I scratch my head and ask myself, “Did that really just happen?” Actually, those moments occur more than just sometimes. They seem to transpire more and more often, lately. Each time, I think I’ve accomplished the ultimate unbelievable event, and I’ll never top it. But then, a few days […]

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Letr frum Moses


Deer Santuh, Mi mom sed I’ve bin notty, and that she wuz gunna tell u all bout it. But I’d like a chans to tel mi sid of the storee. Its not ez havin four legs when everone els in the familee haz too legs. On top of that, I don’t spek English as wel […]

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Because He Loves Me


Last week I flooded my bathroom when I left the bath water running and forgot about it. Or at least, that’s what Superman says. I’ve decided to refer to the incident as “the day I cleaned the floors really well.” When I realized what I’d done, I had that moment of “Oh molasses, Superman’s gonna […]

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