Pitch Black


I don’t try to lead a dangerous, on-the-edge kind of life. I’m more of a play-it-safe, eat-your-veggies, go-to-bed-at-8:30 kind of girl. But sometimes I find myself on the brink of disaster anyway. Last night was one of those times. I lead a writer’s group at my church on Wednesday nights. These people are my tribe. […]

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Sing it Again!

berley and renae

  “Sing it again, Renae!” I laughed, startled at the familiar, impish voice calling to me. I had been rehearsing for my solo on Sunday morning, and I didn’t know anyone was listening. “Hey! I said sing it again!” “Yes, sir!” I called out and did as I was told. Berley had been living with […]

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Being Stretched


I have a question. Now, for all you male-types out there, please forgive me for asking this. I’m sure to you, it will seem like a stupid question. But as I watch my son’s fascination with one particular, everyday object, I am reminded of countless little boys and big boys I’ve known who have had […]

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To the Nines

49th birthday cake

I have a birthday coming up. And although everybody’s birthday is special, mine is rather unique in that I share the day with my mother and my niece. Three generations of girls born on the same day is a pretty impressive feat. My mother occasionally gets asked if she scheduled my delivery date on purpose. […]

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Fan Mail


I currently have seventy-five thousand, four hundred eighty-five pieces of unread fan mail sitting in my bedroom. I feel so humbled, and so honored, and really, just . . . overwhelmed. I’d like to thank my parents, and my husband, and all the little people who helped me on my journey to greatness. Okay, so […]

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Soap Box Derby


I voted early. I’m glad I did, because from everything I saw, the lines on Tuesday were horrendous. And I don’t like waiting in line. Unless it’s for the after-Christmas clearance sale at Macy’s, because then I have an armload of designer sweaters and purses I couldn’t otherwise afford, and that makes me happy. But […]

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Ponderings . . .


My ponderings today . . . maybe it’s the flu meds . . . Those of you who know me know I’m extremely pro-life. Years of infertility gave me a stronger-than-average appreciation of the miracles of conception and birth. But you know what? If I’m going to say I’m pro-life, that can’t just be pro-unborn […]

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Hello. My name is Renae, and I am a purse addict. It all started when I was in 6th grade, and my mother bought me a pair of cream-colored kitten heels and a matching clutch purse. The kitten heels seemed fun at first, but the execution of controlling my already-awkward 12-year-old legs to walk on […]

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Angry Squirrel

rick and renae hugging

  I thought I was doing pretty well with this rugged pioneer woman thing. I have ducks who know me and even come when I call them—provided I have food. I have devoted chickens who lay way more eggs than I can eat. I have a garden that continues to produce so much bounty, we […]

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ducks on pond

Caution: This story is not for the faint of heart. If you’re of a delicate constitution, turn back. If you avoid horror flicks and Stephen King novels at all cost, turn back. If you have nightmares after watching Lifetime channel movies, turn back. If you think you can handle it, proceed with caution. But don’t […]

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