The Impressives


I’ve always wanted to be an Impressive. You know the Impressives, don’t you? They’re members of that elite group of glittery people with nearly-perfect hair even on a windy day. Their clothes are always pressed, their speech always dignified, their nails always manicured. Those people. I really want to join their club. But in the […]

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Highly Sensitive Person


I am a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). Seriously, it’s a thing. Though when I’m in the throws of my HSP-ness, it helps to think of it as Has Some Problems. While everybody else sees life through a lens of relative normalcy, we HSP’s see life through a supersized, NASA-grade microscope. For example, when my husband […]

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The Longest Day

luggage pic

Sometimes a day lasts longer than twenty-four hours. Yesterday, I had one of those days. I started the morning at 3 am about an hour north of San Jose, California, where I’d been for a week. My flight home left at 6:10 am, which meant I needed to be at the airport two hours before […]

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Pitch Black


I don’t try to lead a dangerous, on-the-edge kind of life. I’m more of a play-it-safe, eat-your-veggies, go-to-bed-at-8:30 kind of girl. But sometimes I find myself on the brink of disaster anyway. Last night was one of those times. I lead a writer’s group at my church on Wednesday nights. These people are my tribe. […]

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Sing it Again!

berley and renae

  “Sing it again, Renae!” I laughed, startled at the familiar, impish voice calling to me. I had been rehearsing for my solo on Sunday morning, and I didn’t know anyone was listening. “Hey! I said sing it again!” “Yes, sir!” I called out and did as I was told. Berley had been living with […]

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Being Stretched


I have a question. Now, for all you male-types out there, please forgive me for asking this. I’m sure to you, it will seem like a stupid question. But as I watch my son’s fascination with one particular, everyday object, I am reminded of countless little boys and big boys I’ve known who have had […]

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To the Nines

49th birthday cake

I have a birthday coming up. And although everybody’s birthday is special, mine is rather unique in that I share the day with my mother and my niece. Three generations of girls born on the same day is a pretty impressive feat. My mother occasionally gets asked if she scheduled my delivery date on purpose. […]

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Fan Mail


I currently have seventy-five thousand, four hundred eighty-five pieces of unread fan mail sitting in my bedroom. I feel so humbled, and so honored, and really, just . . . overwhelmed. I’d like to thank my parents, and my husband, and all the little people who helped me on my journey to greatness. Okay, so […]

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Soap Box Derby


I voted early. I’m glad I did, because from everything I saw, the lines on Tuesday were horrendous. And I don’t like waiting in line. Unless it’s for the after-Christmas clearance sale at Macy’s, because then I have an armload of designer sweaters and purses I couldn’t otherwise afford, and that makes me happy. But […]

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Ponderings . . .


My ponderings today . . . maybe it’s the flu meds . . . Those of you who know me know I’m extremely pro-life. Years of infertility gave me a stronger-than-average appreciation of the miracles of conception and birth. But you know what? If I’m going to say I’m pro-life, that can’t just be pro-unborn […]

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