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CJ chillin’ on the sofa My poodle, C.J., thinks he’s Hank, the Cowdog. Each time I let him outside without a leash, he runs like a bat out of Hades toward our neighbor’s cattle. One of these days, if we’re not careful, he’s gonna get gored or squished. That’s why I’ve made a new rule. […]

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The Crown

the crown

I’ve recently realized that I missed my calling in life. I would have made an excellent queen. I enjoy dressing up. I adore expensive jewelry. And I’ve perfected the art of the gracious-yet-aloof smile and wave.   I’ve come to this conclusion while catching up on episodes of The Crown. Several years ago I binge-watched Season […]

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We recently welcomed a new member into the Green family. Her name is Rosie, and she’s worth every penny we paid for her. She’s small, round, and cute, and she works really hard. She is a robot vacuum cleaner. I know many of you reading this have had your own Rosie for years, but I […]

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Feels Like Forsaken


This is not my usual tone and style, but someone close to me encouraged me to share. I’ve gone through a really hard few weeks, and I recently wrote this poem to God. It’s honest. It’s raw. God is big enough to take our questions, our hurt, even our anger. What He DOESN’T want is […]

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Bed Making 101


Last week, I learned something so incredible, so life-changing, I can hardly speak of it. I don’t know whether to leap and dance and spin for joy or weep and wail and tear my clothes because I went so long without knowing. Y’all.You can make up your bed while you’re still in it. I’m not […]

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Thump Thump My Heart!

Rick Renae sunglasses

Happy Valentine’s Day! I have to brag a moment and tell you all that I have the sweetest sweetheart around. We have a lot of fun together, and we’re known to be a little bit silly at times. Hard to believe, I’m sure. Below you can listen to a song we wrote together a few […]

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Be Mine

Be Mine

Valentine’s Day is what I like to call the “un-holiday” holiday. You don’t get a day off work, but if you’re not careful, you’ll still gain five pounds. There’s just so. Much. Chocolate. Plus there’s my favorite—those little candy hearts with messages on them. Those are the best. I remember Valentine’s Day in elementary school […]

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Spoiler Alert

Rocking Chair

As I write this, I’m sitting in my antique cushioned rocking chair in the corner of my spare bedroom/study, listening to the soft rat-a-tat-tat of rain on my roof. The sound soothes me, like a mother humming a lullaby; it reminds me that in spite of the monsters, life is good. I am loved. And […]

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Under Quarantine

quarantine image

I am under self-quarantine. Not because of COVID-19, but because I’m a hermit. Like introverts around the world, I’ve prepared my entire life for such a time as this. I’m currently under quarantine with my husband – an introvert, my daughter – also an introvert, and my son – the most extroverted extrovert I’ve ever […]

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Hard of Hearing


I need a new secretary. My old one is either a smart-alec, or she needs hearing aids. Siri is the reason I spent the big bucks on an i-Phone. Despite the fact that she has yet to fetch my coffee in the morning, I like being able to send her on virtual errands to find […]

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