The Well-dressed Warrior: The Breastplate

Ephesians 6:14 “Stand firm then . . . with the breastplate of righteousness in place.”

If we had lived in biblical times, we might have seen Roman soldiers marching around in full armor. Part of this armor was a chain mail breastplate which covered the soldier’s body from neck to thighs, front and back. It protected all the important organs, including the heart and lungs. No matter from which direction the enemy approached, the soldier was safe.

It is very important that we, as Christians, wear our breastplates of righteousness. We must remember, though, that the righteousness Paul speaks of is God’s righteousness, not our own. Our own righteous acts can never protect us, for at our very best, we are weak. But God’s righteousness, on the other hand, is impenetrable.

Satan, the accuser, will attack us from every angle. He will whisper in our ears, “You’re not good enough.” He will remind us of the bad things we have done in the past, and that we continue to do. And in so doing, he wields a powerful weapon, for there is a bit of truth in what he says. Without our breastplate, we will soon succumb to his piercing accusations. We will ask ourselves, “Why do I bother? I am sinful, and I will always be sinful.”

But Satan wants us to forget about the breastplate that God has provided. When we place our faith in Christ, we are given the very righteousness of God (Romans 3:19 – 24)! Yes, it is a transforming righteousness. Yes, the more we wear our breastplate, the more our own actions will reflect God’s righteousness. But do not be fooled. You do not ever have to rely on your own good deeds to be protected from Satan’s arrows. Your breastplate is from God, and it cannot be penetrated.

Have you been relying on your own good deeds as protection, my friend? Have you felt discouraged at your lack of righteousness? Well, fear not. God isn’t finished with you yet. He is still forming you into His image. But in the meantime, He will not let His child be destroyed. Just slide into that heaven-made, God-given gift of righteousness that He has provided. As long as you wear your breastplate, Satan can’t win.

Dear Father, Thank You for not making me rely on my own righteousness for protection from Satan. When I feel discouraged about my own failures, please remind me to wear Your righteousness, not my own.


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  1. May 9, 2008 #

    These posts on the well-dressed warrior are really good reminders. Thanks.

  2. May 9, 2008 #

    Lillie, they’ve been good reminders to me, as well.

  3. May 9, 2008 #

    When one of the kids was learning about the Romans in History, we took them to see a pageant with a Roman re-enactment society. What struck me was how terrified all those peasant peoples must have been when the Romans rode in to invade – they really were a scary sight! Their breastplates were like mirrors, glinting in the sun.

    Keep your breastplate of righteousness shiny – and dazzle the devil with it!!

  4. May 9, 2008 #

    “Keep your breastplate of righteousness shiny – and dazzle the devil with it!!”

    Great line. I think you must be a writer. 🙂


  5. May 9, 2008 #

    Well, coming from a real writer, that’s quite a compliment!

  6. May 9, 2008 #


  7. May 9, 2008 #

    Wonderful post, Renae!

  8. May 9, 2008 #

    Thanks, Jeanette! 🙂

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