Praise God, Dad is coming home today! Oh, not home, as in heaven. Nope. He won’t be going there for a long, long time. Instead, he’s coming home from the hospital!

A few highlights of his hospital stay:

Friday night, his entire family group from his church filed into his hospital room. We sang praise songs, read scripture, prayed, and basically had revival right then and there! 🙂

Later Friday night, Dad slept soundly for the first time since his surgery on Wednesday. He fell asleep before 9 p.m. At 11:55, he woke up and had to go to the restroom. The nurse came to assist him, and soon, she poked her head around the corner from the bathroom.

“Does he have a razor?” she asked.

“I don’t know. I’ll look in his suitcase,” I told her, wondering why in the world she needed his razor.

“He’s decided he wants to shave,” she answered my unspoken question.

So there, at midnight, two days after having three feet of his small intestines removed, Dad shaved. Brushed his teeth. Combed his hair. Put on cologne.

In our family, vanity dies hard.

Then he went back to bed and slept until 4 a.m., when he made another trip to the bathroom and then slept until nearly 7 a.m.

Saturday, he was allowed to drink clear liquids.

Sunday, all liquids.

This morning, sausage and eggs! He is on his way home right now. I have to go, so I’ll be there to meet him.

Thanks so much for all your continued prayers and support! I don’t know what I would have done without all of your love and comments and e-mails over the last few days.

God is good, all the time. He is the Healer. Praise Him!


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  1. October 6, 2008 #

    How wonderful! I am rejoicing and have a praise meeting and thanking the Lord! I’m so pleased that what we have been expecting is now happening! What a great Monday!

  2. October 6, 2008 #

    Thanks, Jeanette! God is good, isn’t He? So very good, and so very faithful.

  3. October 6, 2008 #

    What great news, Renae! We’ll keep the prayers going!

  4. October 6, 2008 #

    That’s wonderful news! Healing always seems to progress faster when you are in the comfort of your own bed!

  5. October 6, 2008 #

    Thanks so much, Cheryl and Alyssa! God is so very, very good.

  6. October 6, 2008 #

    Dear Renae,
    how swet are the feet of the carrier of good news.
    Congratulation wit the speedy recovery so far. Vanity is a good thing, keeps people alive.
    Singing and praying even better. Guess you made an enormous impact on the hospital crew. Praising Good in your need.
    From Felisol

  7. October 6, 2008 #

    Thanks, Felisol! Yes, actually, one of the technicians kept coming in and asking questions about God, the Bible, etc. WE had a sheet of God’s promises taped up in the room, and he looked at it each time he came in.

    So good to have Dad home.

  8. October 7, 2008 #

    Praise God our Jehovah Rapha. Your Dad is in His hands.

  9. October 7, 2008 #

    Yes, I have been praising Him and praising Him, Amrita! He is the Healer.

  10. October 7, 2008 #

    this is WONDERFUL!!!!…prayers will continue

  11. October 7, 2008 #

    Thank you, Bello. I appreciate your continued prayers.

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