Awards Ceremony

I WAS RECENTLY awarded “The Honest Scrap”Award by my friend Lillie, and I’d like to invite all of you to the
ceremony! I plan to get a new dress for the occasion – something sleek and sparkly. Dripping with diamonds. Do you think a tiara will be too much?

But you should feel free to wear whatever you feel most comfortable in.

With the award came a challenge to share ten honest things about myself. Funny, I had a similar challenge on Facebook recently, and so I’ve copied and pasted my ten honest scraps here. I know, that’s cheating a bit. But I need to save time to shop for my tiara! And get my hair and nails done, and buy new shoes . . .
So, here goes:


1. My first name is Cindi.
2. I had red hair for about 3 months in 2006.
3. I know all the words to La Bamba.
4. I had a couple of articles published under the pen name “Rebecca James” – the middle names of my 2 children.
5. My favorite movie is “You’ve Got Mail.” My second favorite is “While You Were Sleeping.”
6. I wore braces on my feet when I was young.
7. I first cut my hair short in ’91, when I was teaching jr. high and kept being mistaken for one of the students. (Not much danger of that any more, though.)
8. I have 2 dogs, Shamgar and Annie. I think they must be adopted, though. They don’t look anything like me.
9. I have recently developed an appreciation for fine jewelry. Good thing my hubby doesn’t mind!
10. I am afraid of rabbits.

Now, consider yourselves tagged! (But only if you want to be.) If you decide to post ten honest things about yourselves, be sure and let me know so I can come to YOUR ceremony!



6 Responses to Awards Ceremony

  1. January 3, 2009 #

    Wow! Some ceremony you’re planning. Your ten honest scraps are worth it, though.

  2. January 3, 2009 #

    Thank you, Lillie. Come as you wish. Just please don’t bring a pet rabbit along. 😉

  3. January 4, 2009 #

    I’m supposed to post 10 honest things on MY blog, right?

    If that’s the case I’ll have to do it on my writing blog, I think, instead of my prayer blog.

    Oh, what to wear…


  4. January 4, 2009 #

    Yes, Jean! I can’t wait to read them. 🙂

  5. January 4, 2009 #

    Hi Renae,

    Thanks for dropping by; I’ll be watching for new posts!!! And thinking about my 10 things, too… I already did one with 50, so I’ll come up with a few more different ones to keep it interesting.

  6. January 4, 2009 #

    Hi, Auntie Bar Bar! I’ll be looking for your ten scraps. Don’t forget to post your award picture when you do your post!


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