The Truth of a Matter

I John 2:20 “But you have an anointing from the Holy One, and all of you know the truth.”

Have you ever served on a jury? I have, and it wasn’t an easy task. Both the defendant and the plaintiff had their versions of the truth, and it was the jury’s job to figure out what was truth and what wasn’t. If we had known the truth to begin with, our task would have been simple. But we didn’t, and we were sometimes confused. We had to rely on what seemed right. None of us, however, could be 100% sure . . .

When we don’t know the truth of a matter, we can be confused by lies. But when we know the truth, lies are easy to spot! I’m so glad God has made it easy for us. We can be confident that we know the truth, because we have been given God’s Holy Word, which is full of His truth. In addition, we have been given the Holy Spirit, who acts as a guide for us.


Many Christians believe that if they don’t hold a seminary degree, they don’t have the ability to figure out God’s Word. But His Word was not written for a select few – it was written for all of us! And as we study it, the Holy Spirit will act as our teacher and our guide. He will help us to understand that which is spiritual, godly, and true. And when we immerse ourselves in God’s Word and submit to the Holy Spirit’s leadership, He will make us aware of the lies all around us. Because we have the truth in us, we will not be fooled by the lies of this world.

Dear Father, Thank You for Your Word and for Your Holy Spirit. Please help me to always walk in Your truth.


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