The Prize

Philippians 3:14 “I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.”

Paul continues to paint a picture of himself as a runner. He presses on, and we picture him, sweat pouring from his body, panting heavily, head forward, pushing, pressing on toward the prize. The term pressing on implies that he is meeting with resistance. It would be easier for him to give up than to keep going. But Paul doesn’t want the easy thing. He wants the prize.

My friends, as we live the Christian life, we will meet with resistance. We will face difficulties and trials of every kind. There will be times when we will feel like giving up! But we must not give up, for this prize is worth every ounce of sweat that drips from our souls.

So, what exactly is this prize that is so worthy of our perseverance? Is it heaven? Well, that is one of the perks, but heaven is not the prize. Is it the peace that comes with knowing God? Well, peace is absolutely a beautiful, glorious benefit of living the Christian life, but even that is not the prize. There are countless benefits to pressing on, to running the race, to living the lives that God has called us to live. But there is only one prize, which will be awarded to those who do not give up.

This prize, this wonderful, glorious trophy that will keep us pressing onward through the resistance, through the difficulties, through the trials, is one so glorious that I can barely even type the words. The prize, my dear brothers and sisters, will be the look on our Father’s face, as he looks into our eyes, calls us by name, smiles and says, “Well done, ______________! You have been a good and faithful servant. You have made me proud! Here is a crown for you to wear!” The prize, my friends, is not the crown. It will be hearing those words from our Father’s mouth, seeing the look of pleasure and pride on His face. Now that is a prize worth competing for!

Dear Father, Please help me to press on.


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