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I John 3:13 “Do not be surprised, my brothers, if the world hates you.”

Did you ever get the feeling that somebody didn’t like you, and you couldn’t figure out why? I hate it when that happens! I always want to figure out a reason for their dislike. If there is a reason, then I can make it better. Right?


Sometimes, people just don’t like us. And that feels pretty crummy.

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Even though we are not part of this world, we still have to live in this world. And it never feels good to be the outsider. Often, we find ourselves trying to fit in with the world by adopting its standards, but this never works for long. A true child of God will never be satisfied, never be at peace, unless he is living out his Father’s legacy of righteousness and love. Because of this, we will never really fit in with the world. Those living without Christ will see us as strange, as different. And they won’t like us.

The righteousness of God will cause discomfort to those living without that righteousness. John tells us that if we are not children of God, then we are children of the devil. And since Satan is God’s #1 enemy, we shouldn’t be surprised when his children don’t like us. We must hold our heads high and be proud of our heritage. And we must do all we can to make the invitation to join His family clear to those around us. We need to quit worrying about whether or not we are liked, and focus on those around us who need Christ”s love.

Dear Father, It hurts when people dislike me. Please help me to get past that hurt, understanding that they did not like You either. Please help me to love the people who hate me. Use my life to draw them to You.

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  1. May 22, 2009 #

    Hi, Renae,
    I’ve been away from my computer for a week. It’s nice to be back interacting with my friends! You’re right, it hurts to be disliked or ignored. And it is soooo comforting to know that we are loved and precious and of immeasureable worth to someone. To Someone. To Jesus.


  2. May 22, 2009 #

    Welcome back, Jean! You’re right. Isn’t it great to be a child of God?

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