Long Night

Ruth 3:7 – 8 “When Boaz had finished eating and drinking and was in good spirits, he went over to lie down at the far end of the grain pile. Ruth approached quietly, uncovered his feet and lay down. In the middle of the night something startled the man, and he turned and discovered a woman lying at his feet.”

I can just imagine the pounding of Ruth’s heart as she tiptoed over, uncovered Boaz’ feet, and lay down. It almost reminds me of one of those secret-agent spy movies, but with a romantic twist. After all, the threshing floor was a public place. All of Boaz’ workers, along with their families, were asleep there. She not only had to avoid waking Boaz; she didn’t want to wake anyone else up, either.

I doubt Ruth got much sleep that night. She probably lay there, eyes wide open, wondering how it would all play out. After all, Ruth’s actions probably seemed as strange to her as they do to us. So she lay there, waiting for Boaz to notice her, wondering how he would respond to her.

Sometimes, we do the same thing. We lie awake at night, waiting, worrying, wondering how the Master will respond to us. We worry about this problem, that situation. And during those times, it seems like our Master is sleeping. We wonder when He will ever wake up and notice us. And the night, the time of waiting, can seem very, very long.

But we don’t have to lose sleep! We don’t have to waste our time worrying and wondering when our Master will notice us. Just as Boaz was in love with Ruth, our Master is in love with us! He has already noticed us. He knows our desires, He cares about our problems, and He has already heard the cries of our hearts!

The waiting part is always hard. But Ruth had nothing to worry about. She could have relaxed. She could have rested in knowing that her master was good and loving, and that he would take care of her. And as wonderful as Boaz was, he was nothing compared to our Master! Are you in a time of waiting, my friend? Do you feel as if God has fallen asleep? I promise you, He hasn’t. He knows. He loves You. Just relax, and rest easy. Before You know it, God will make His presence known. And that, my friend, is worth the wait.

Dear Father, Please help me to be patient. Help me to trust You with every aspect of my life.


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  1. January 15, 2008 #

    Thank you so much for that post, sweet sister. Better than a cup of coffee, to be sure! Here’s a cyber-hug 🙂 Susanne

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