Jonah 2:8 Grace and Idols

Jonah 2:8 “Those who cling to worthless idols
forfeit the grace that could be theirs.”

Wow. This is an interesting twist that Jonah’s prayer makes. It’s kind of random, considering he’s in the belly of a smelly, slimy fish, crying out for his very life. Why does he suddenly think of other people who worship idols?

Maybe he was thinking of the Ninevites. After all, weren’t they the reason he had run from God in the first place? They worshiped idols. Perhaps God was speaking to Jonah’s heart, in the depths of the sea, about their need for God’s grace.

Or perhaps he was thinking of the kind sailors who didn’t want to throw him overboard. After all, Jonah didn’t know for sure what happened after he went Splash! Those were good men. But without God, they were lost. Without God, they would miss out on some pretty amazing grace. Grace is defined as all the good things God gives us, that we don’t deserve.

Song Book 2

I don’t pray to little statues, the way people in Jonah’s day did. But I do battle idols. I put things before my relationship with God – things like my job, my responsibilities, my family, my status . . .

Oh, I don’t mean to let those things creep in and steal God’s place in my life. But unless I continually push them back where they belong, they do creep in. Sometimes just an inch at a time, until they are front and center in my heart, and I didn’t even notice them.

But I want God’s grace. I need His grace. I’m lost without it.

Dear Father, Thank You for Your grace shown to me. Please forgive me for allowing things to come between You and me. I don’t want to allow anything to take Your place in my life.


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