It’s Good to Share

Philippians 4:14 “Yet it was good of you to share in my troubles.”

A group of ladies just left my house. Tonight was our first Bible study together. As we went around the circle sharing a little about ourselves, each one shared the need for friends, for a support system. It is good to have someone with whom to share our troubles, isn’t it?

So many times, we drudge our way through our days, lonely and sad, wishing we had a friend. Yes, we have Christ, and He will never leave us! But even God said, “It is not good for man to be alone,” (Genesis 2:18). Sometimes, we need a real flesh-and-blood person to wrap loving arms of friendship around us, and to share our joys and our heartaches.

It is ironic that many of us live in crowded cities, work in crowded office buildings, shop in crowded grocery stores . . . and yet we are alone. Almost every one of us feels alone. We smile politely at those around us, and we withdraw into our cocoons. We are afraid to reach out, to let others share our troubles, because that makes us vulnerable. If they know our troubles, they can hurt us. And so, we are alone.

Paul reached out to the Philippians, and they reached out to him. What joy was found in the simple act of reaching out, of acting in love and concern for another person! In the simple act of sending a financial gift, the Philippians connected with Paul. He knew he was not alone. He knew someone cared.

Many of you reading this have felt lonely. I know I have. But tonight, as I write this, I don’t feel lonely. I feel connected, simply because a few of us decided to meet together, to pray, to study God’s Word, and to share each other’s lives. We should make it a habit to reach out to others in friendship, for there is great joy, great freedom in having someone with whom to share life’s burdens.

Dear Father, Thank You for the gift of friendship. Please help me to give that gift to someone this week.


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  1. November 16, 2007 #

    I’m so grateful for this new gathering of friends, centered around sharing your lives and the Word of God.
    Praise God for friends – they are truly “God with skin on.”

  2. November 28, 2007 #

    I am finally getting caught up with my Morning Coffee. I emailed you earlier and this post speaks of what my heart was trying to convey. I feel as though I have cocooned myself. The very word I thought, but feared to write. We are still on for our second monthly ladies home prayer meeting in my home this Thursday. I know it will be a blessing. The one held at another sisters home, I will have to share sometime. It was absolutely soul stirring. I had never been a part of something so spirited, and yet tangible. My spiritual mentor said she believed God was moved by our love for Him and each other. His being moved by our hearts and motives, further moved us to experience Him in a new way. A new level, perhaps. It really did have an impact on me in realizing that I can hear from God. And that he does plan to use me to further his kingdom. Blessings Renae to you…for sharing.

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