Honor Your Parents

Ephesians 6:2 – 3 “Honor your father and your mother’ – which is the first commandment with a promise – ‘that it may go well with you and you may enjoy long life on the earth.”

My Memaw was something special. She worked hard all her life, and brought up eight children. She was wise, and kind, and generous. And boy, could she cook! She always had a big pot of chicken and dumplings on the stove when I came to visit, for she knew it was my favorite. And to this day, I have never smelled or tasted anything as heavenly as her homemade yeast rolls.

At some point during my teenage years, Memaw got old. She was no longer able to work like she once had. Instead, she sat in queenly quest as her children and grandchildren scrambled to serve her. My own dear mother, who worked a full time job, drove several hours every Friday afternoon just to help take care of Memaw. Each of my aunts and uncles did all they could do, to see that Memaw was comfortable and happy. In all things, she was treated with respect and honor.

Children are to obey their parents for as long as they are children. But the command to honor one’s parents is for life! It doesn’t mean that, as adults, we must continue to obey overbearing parents. But in all things, we must strive to treat them with honor and respect, simply because they are our parents.

I try to honor my parents. It is easy for me, for I ended up with a pretty wonderful set! Deep in my memory, I hold pictures of honor, given by them to my grandparents. Because I watched them honor their parents, I will do the same. Because they honored their parents, things will go well for them when they are old – because my brother and I will honor them in the same way.

When we honor our parents, we set up a cycle of honor that will continue back to us when we are old. Hopefully, my children will watch me love and honor and respect my parents as they get older. And hopefully, they will treat me the same way. Thus, by honoring my parents, things will go well for me, and I will enjoy life when I am old. And the cycle will continue and continue.

Dear Father, Please help me to honor my parents.


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  1. April 28, 2008 #

    Both of my parents have gone to be with the Lord. I’m glad I was able to honor them by helping to care for my father in his 7-year battle with Alzheimer’s.

  2. April 29, 2008 #

    I’m so glad you had that special time with him, Lillie. Caring for aging, ill parents is never easy. But it is so rewarding to give back the care that they gave to us when we were small.


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