Peanuts to Diamonds

Did you know that peanuts can be turned into diamonds? It’s true! Scientists have now discovered a technique that harnesses pressures that are even higher than those found at the earth’s core. They are using this technique to turn unlikely substances, including peanut butter, into diamonds!

Professor Malcom McMahon, of the Center for Science and Extreme Conditions at Edinburgh University, is one of the scientists involved in this ground-breaking discovery. He said, “Pressure can cause extraordinary changes in all kinds of materials and can create completely novel materials.”

Of course that kind of pressure would cause extreme changes. But peanuts into diamonds? Who would have thought? I would have guessed it would make some kind of runny, smelly peanut juice, or even a useless, evaporated peanut gas. But never in a million years would I have thought that pressure would turn a peanut into a diamond.

The more I think about it, though, the more it makes sense. And it gives me hope. After all, I am a little bit like a peanut. As much as I long to be sleek, smooth, and sparkly, most days I feel kinda crunchy. I want to be a person of great value and substance, but I don’t always handle pressure well.

It would be much easier for all of us to live lives with no pressure, no difficulties, no hardships. But the honest truth is, if we don’t endure some pressure, we will all stay peanuts. Crunchy snack foods. At times, it may seem that the pressures of this life will overtake us, even destroy us. But if we let them, they will actually turn us into people of great value.

I can look back at the most difficult times of my life so far, and see that they have made me a better person. They have taught me to persevere, and have given me compassion. They have led me to become a wiser, more loving, more caring individual. They have made me less crunchy. Perhaps, if I continue to allow the pressures of my life to change me in a positive way . . . maybe someday I’ll be a diamond.

In the meantime, I think I’ll invest in a peanut farm.

James 1:2 – 4 “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance. Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”

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  1. January 12, 2008 #

    I think it is called, “Growing Pains.” And, while I do not recall them from my childhood to adulthood, (other than the wisdom teeth-ouch!) the spiritual growing pains remain. They serve us well though, if we will let them. And if we truly embrace them as the lesson they were meant to be, they will serve others … as well. Painful? Yes! Useless? No!

  2. January 12, 2008 #

    this was good. I love jewelry. So what I here you say is that, Who can find a virtuous wife? For her worth is far above rubies.
    and now we should include peanuts, because of the possibilities of the outcome of it as well as us? poor peanuts also have a lot to live up to now with all the diamond expectation and granding of the GIA. (gemilogical institute of America) ha ha. I pray there is never a whole new standard that I wake up to that I never new existed. But I guess that did happen to me when I found Jesus. So welcome to life little peanut.
    I did get home last night. But as you can tell by my thoughts… I am still very tired, (punchy)I feel like I have been to a slumber party as a teen but there was no slumber party just work.

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