Eye of the Hurricane

I grew up in Houston. I have lived through a few hurricanes in my time. And in the wake of hurricane Ike, which hit Texas last weekend, our family has experienced its own hurricane this week.

Tuesday, we found out that Dad has cancer. Talk about some fierce winds.

Wednesday, Mom finally got in touch with Aunt Doris. My aunt had been without power for several days, due to hurricane Ike. Her power was back on. She was fine. She was headed to the grocery store.

One hour after hanging up with Aunt Doris, Mom received a phone call.

Aunt Doris had been killed in a head-on collision.

Needless to say, we’ve had a rough week.

There are no words to describe the shock, then the numbness, that inevitably came.

But there is something interesting about hurricanes. As I said above, I’ve lived through a few. And right in the center of the chaotic winds . . . is the eye. Calm. Peace.

I have to tell you, friends, that in the center of our chaos this week, I have found peace. A peace that doesn’t make any sense, when you consider the storms raging all around. But yet, there it was. I guess I was in the eye.

I know exactly where the peace came from. It was the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding. And I also know that the prayers of so many of you, on my behalf, played an important role.

Aunt Doris died instantly. She knew nothing except a blink, and then she was in the glorious presence of our Lord.

As for Dad, we are still in the waiting game – that waiting that so many of you are familiar with. Your stories of dealing with cancer have helped me so much. Thank you.

We are believing the best, believing that God is in control, and that He will handle this.

I have been deeply touched, deeply humbled by all of your comments and e-mails, the phone calls, the prayers . . . Thank you. Please continue.

In the words of Paul in his letter to the Philippians, “I thank my God every time I remember you . . . I have you in my heart.”


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  1. September 19, 2008 #

    Dear Renae,
    Jesus is there, midst in the storm. He is on board your boat. Even though he may seem to be asleep, he’s not. He’s watching you closely. Be assured of that.
    From Felisol

  2. September 19, 2008 #

    My heart goes out to you and your family. Thanks be to God that you have faith and that peace that passes understanding. How else could you cope?

  3. September 19, 2008 #

    R – I don’t have words, just know I’m with you in all this. My heart is heavy for your family, friend. Know that we are praying alongside you. Praying that these next few days especially will be a time of hope and gratitude for Aunt Doris’ life.

  4. September 19, 2008 #

    Oh Renae, my friend, as I came over here to check on you, how shocked I was to hear this latest news! But how blessed to hear how you are resting in the peace of our loving heavenly Father. May He continue to wrap His arms of love and peace around you all! You can count on my prayers.

  5. September 19, 2008 #

    I’m grateful you’ve felt at peace during this time. What a grace gift! I pray that you will continue to feel His peace in the days and weeks ahead.

  6. September 19, 2008 #

    Dearest Renae, So sorry to hear about Aunt Doris. But at least she is not suffering pain painful injuries. She is with the Lord.Its such a difficult time for your family.

    Your Mom must be glad she spoke to Aunt Doris.

    May all of you know God ‘s deep comfort.

  7. September 20, 2008 #

    I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your Aunt on top of your dad’s illness. May God comfort you and your family, and bring healing to your father. Bless you.

  8. September 20, 2008 #

    When one part of the body hurts, the entire body hurts.


  9. September 25, 2008 #

    I’m just catching up on all the latest posts . . . my heart goes out to you and your family. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers. I can’t ever understand any of the junk we have to go through, but I can trust in God. I just trust that He has a plan for me – for you – for each of us. Life is a process – a journey – an offering to Him Who gave us this life. The calm, I believe, is God’s grace. May His Peace and Understanding comfort you all in this time.

  10. September 26, 2008 #

    I came here, via Jackie’s in the UK (Mother’s Pride).
    Yes, you have indeed been in one hurricane after another -back-to-back. My sympathy to you in the loss of your Aunt Doris and my prayers are with you as you deal with that as well as the news of your Dad’s illness.

    If I may I’d like to express a little from my own experience, having been diagnosed 5 years ago this past March with cancer, to keep your thoughts as positive as possible and yes, prayer sure never hurts anytime but especially when trying to find the way to the center or the eye of the storm, where there is a calmer place.

    And you know, lots and lots of folks will have your back too with prayers of their own -healing in whatever manner is called for as “God’s Will Be Done.”


  11. September 26, 2008 #

    I have just come over from Mother’s Pride and Jackie asked for prayer support for you.
    On reading your post I feel I can identify with the cancer thing & the way it interferes with our lives & wrecks havoc. The head on crash that killed Aunt Doris was a tremendous shock, but she was, like you said killed without her knowledge & now she is with the Lord. Still very upsetting for those left behind.
    I am relieved that you are feeling the peace that passes all understanding. I, too am amazed at the way other people’s prayers help me in my own troubles & I have experienced that peace.
    I will pray that you will be comforted by his presence at this sad time.

  12. September 26, 2008 #

    thinking of you…

  13. September 27, 2008 #

    Oh my gosh. Over from Mother’s Pride and prayers on their way…

  14. September 27, 2008 #

    Visting from Mother’s Pride…

    I’m so sorry you are going through this but I am so glad that you found that peace that comes from resting in the arms of the Lord.

    I will be praying for you and your Dad and your Mom.


  15. September 29, 2008 #

    jackie (mother’s pride) has requested prayers for you & yours…you can count on that!

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